1st Bloggerversary! (& GIVEAWAY)

Exactly one year ago today, I processed my credit card payment, and purchased thelifestylebistro.com.

As a thank you to my friends, readers, and followers, I’ve gotten together with PAIGE Denim, as well as did some additional shopping, in order to create a contest!

Here’s what the winner’s package contains: Size 28 pair of PAIGE Denim Fall 2016 jeans, 2 PANDORA rings, and Kate Spade travel washbags.

Given that my blog consists of me sharing my inspiration, motivation, and thoughts, I wanted you, my followers to do the same!

Comment on this post about what inspires you most. In order to qualify, you must either be subscribed by e-mail to the site, following on Twitter, or following on Instagram.

Contest closes August 1st, and winner will be announced on August 5th.


10 Ways Competitive Dance Prepared Me For The Real World

Though I put that career path behind me, it would be a HUGE waste of money if I didn’t get any takeaway from it. I find myself getting upset every now and then that I’ve essentially lost all my skills as a ballroom dancer, and though it may seem like it was a waste of 16 years, I definitely got some irreplaceable experience from it that benefits me every single day in the real world. Continue reading “10 Ways Competitive Dance Prepared Me For The Real World”

Inspiration: Long-Weekend Fashionista

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of heading out to a cottage up north for the weekend, and forgot all the rules of fashion. My weekend had a rotation of three outfits: bikini, t-shirt (with holes in it) and denim shorts, and a hoodie with sweatpants. And really, could you blame me? If I wasn’t paddle-boarding or swimming across the lake, then I was roasting marshmallows by the fire or bathing myself in anti-mosquito spray. There really wasn’t space for nice clothes at that point.

And here we are, on Canada Day, and sadly, I’m stuck in the city (or what most consider the suburbs), but managed to have the weekend off work anyway. With less than desirable weather today on this beautiful country’s birthday, and no concrete plans the rest of the weekend, I really have no clue what can happen. In other words, I’m in civilization, and my days will probably consist of brunch outings and family get-togethers. Which means – the rules of fashion do apply.

So here’s the pieces of inspiration that will get me through the long weekend, whether they currently lay in my closet or not: Continue reading “Inspiration: Long-Weekend Fashionista”


What If I Was A Breakthrough Blogger?

It’s an interesting question to ask myself, especially in light of the Manrepeller/H&M/Bloglovin contest for “Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year”. Although entering a contest is usually the easiest thing you could do, I found it challenging to have the guts to enter. I mean, who am I in the blogosphere?  As I prepared my post for the contest, I noticed other bloggers slowly but surely submitting their entries… Bloggers who already had a strong fanbase, bloggers who had one sponsored project after another, bloggers who were already 70 light years ahead of me on their journey. What chance do I stand against them? Continue reading “What If I Was A Breakthrough Blogger?”

Mocktails For Your Workout – 3 Drinks That Will Make You Think You’re At A Bar Instead Of The Gym

Do you ever find yourself halfway through a workout wishing you were at a bar sipping on a cocktail instead? Me too. Which is why I’ve decided to attempt to make it easier for all of us to survive those crucial hours of the day set aside to making ourselves look better at the beach. They say all good things come in threes, so I’ve come up with three stupidly easy drinks you can take to your workout that resemble some of our favourite cocktails. Continue reading “Mocktails For Your Workout – 3 Drinks That Will Make You Think You’re At A Bar Instead Of The Gym”


Things You Can Do Other Than Getting a Gym Membership

I don’t know about you guys, but when I hear the word “gym” I think B-O-O-ORING! and can’t help but fall back on the couch and keep eating cake.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), life isn’t all about lying on the couch eating cake, and somewhere in between you’ve got to fit some physical exercise regardless of how much you want to or don’t want to. Continue reading “Things You Can Do Other Than Getting a Gym Membership”


How to Start Your Own Shoe Drive (or any other group donation)

In March, I decided that by May 1st I would try to collect at least 200 pairs of new/lightly-worn shoes to donate to Soles 4 Souls Canada to help wear out poverty. As you may have noticed, it’s already June, and I didn’t even hit 50 pairs by the first of this month. Along the way, I developed more and more ideas to make the next one a success, as well as dealt with some of the mistakes I made through out the journey.

Should you ever decide to host your own drive of some sort, hopefully these words of advice will help you: Continue reading “How to Start Your Own Shoe Drive (or any other group donation)”


resort life: the things you didn’t know you needed to know to pack like a pro

As a traveller, I think my life goal that applies to absolutely every single trip is packing just enough. Not overpacking and having my suitcase overflow, nor arriving there realizing I left half my life back home. It’s that sweet satisfaction of being able to close my suitcase without a struggle, and knowing I’ve got everything I need. Continue reading “resort life: the things you didn’t know you needed to know to pack like a pro”


How to Spend Your Sick-Day

What do you know, after being away for a week, I happened to catch some nasty virus on the flight home, which only worsened when I was surrounded by equally ill colleagues a few days later.

Let me tell you people, your immune system is extremely vulnerable when you are travelling. I’ve learned that the hard way too many times, and since then have never left home without a stash of vitamins and medications for any possible situation. Somehow, I didn’t realize I needed to keep fighting the germs flying around when I got back home as well.

And that’s how I ended up here. In bed on a Monday (instead of working), living off of lemon water, honey, and enough medication that it covers the entirety of my bedside table. As I lay in bed, home alone whilst my loved ones are all at work, I started pondering on what can I do that will be productive, fun (somewhat), and won’t take too much energy – as a sicko, I don’t have much energy to begin with, it’s a miracle I can get out of bed at all. Continue reading “How to Spend Your Sick-Day”